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Divorce in Fairfax VA is generally a complicated process as it involves a permanently life-altering decision. Parties taking the divorce decision should think twice, before proceeding, say Fairfax VA lawyers. Your life is no longer the same. Often, parties proceeding to terminate their marriage in Fairfax VA get entangled in the process and feel completely lost. To avoid such unwanted consequences, it is always better to take a skilled Fairfax VA lawyer’s help before proceeding with marriage dissolution. You will be better placed during the marriage dissolution process if you take professional consultation from a Fairfax VA lawyer before the marriage decision regarding prenuptial agreements. 

Experienced Fairfax VA lawyers are of the opinion that entering into prenuptial agreements reduces the time spent in Court. When parties proposing to get married want to make their terms and conditions clear, it is advisable to finalize prenuptial documents with the guidance of Fairfax VA lawyers. Your lawyer will tell you that there is no hard and fast rule as to how to conceive complete prenuptial agreements in Fairfax VA. Such agreements can include any clause as required by the parties. The facts and circumstances of each case are different requiring different clauses for each case. The adept Fairfax VA lawyers apprise that the contents of prenuptial agreements can be very unique. Some parties in Fairfax VA who are obsessed with their pets will want to include provisions on who will have the pets after the divorce. Another important provision that is mandatorily made part of prenuptial agreements to how to divide marital property. Even custody arrangements can be made part of the prenuptial draft, say Fairfax VA lawyers. 

If you are someone who does not wish to contest every petty issue in Court, then prenuptial agreements are a sensible choice for you. Such prenuptial agreements are highly preferred as they clearly list out the separate property of the parties acquired before the marriage. Due to this, any confusion about whether such property is marital property is permanently resolved, say Fairfax VA lawyers. 

Virginia Prenuptial Agreements


It is often believed and assumed that prenuptial agreements should be entered only if you are wealthy. Ordinary people believe there is no need for prenuptial agreements as their income is less and the assets are of lesser value. This assumption is completely wrong, say Fairfax VA lawyers. No matter your status and income levels, prenuptial documents are essential. 

It is a fact that in today’s dynamic world, no relationship is permanent as conflicts of opinions and separation have become inevitable. If your relationship enters such a problematic phase and you are compelled to separate from your partner then you will be shocked to know the number of complex issues you will be confronted with. Such issues begin with who pays the mortgage on the marital home, who continues to hold possession of the home; who pays the marital debts, which debts are marital and which are separate, say Fairfax VA lawyers. Another crucial issue that arises between parties divorcing in Fairfax VA is how to divide property that is partly marital and partly separate.

If you are someone who does not want to be involved in a nasty divorce process going on for several months, then you should enter into prenuptial agreements before your marriage, say Fairfax VA lawyers. You may initially be hesitant in beginning conversations about prenuptial agreements with your future partner. At times, when a partner states about prenuptial agreements to the future spouse, the future spouse is confused and directly refuses to enter into prenuptial agreements. This conversation about prenuptial agreements leads the spouse to think that the party asking for prenuptial agreements is a negative person and is thinking of dissolving the marriage even before the marriage has commenced. Such thoughts create conflicts between the parties. The Fairfax VA lawyers apprise clients that to avoid such complex circumstances, it is always advisable to initiate talks about pre-marital agreements at the earliest. This way, the other party knows your intentions in asking for premarital agreements. 

Generally, practical people are willing to proceed with prenuptial agreements. Such individuals are aware of the practical long-term benefits of having such documents. If you and your partner have decided to proceed with prenuptial agreements, the next question you are confronted with is, who will draft the document? Can you do it yourself? You should never make the mistake of preparing the document without the professional guidance of an experienced lawyer. Finalizing this crucial document using “Do It Yourself” forms without lawyers’ support can be a great blunder you will regret forever.

Prenuptial agreements are perfectly drafted when created by Fairfax VA lawyers. Our Fairfax VA lawyers carefully obtain all details about your case to understand what provisions are important for your document. The needs of each case vary and there is no common format that can be applied for all cases in Fairfax VA, say experienced lawyers. Some parties want to focus only on the property while others want to include provisions concerning children such as the child’s education, extra-curricular activities, insurance payments, etc. Your Fairfax VA lawyer will apprise you that prenuptial agreements are required to avoid contesting support payments in Court. 

In cases where there is property and kids from a previous marriage, properly drafted prenuptial agreements will include provisions about how children from another marriage are to be taken care of. In these documents, parties can mention who is entitled to property from previous marriage. Also, if there is a great disparity in income between spouses, spousal support can be expressly waived, thus doing away with litigating the spousal support issue in Court say Fairfax VA lawyers. 

When parties agree beforehand about how certain crucial issues are to proceed, there is less tension between the parties and the separation process proceeds very smoothly, say Fairfax VA lawyers. The challenge lies in hiring experienced lawyers who can understand the requirements of your case. It is also highly important to consult a client-friendly lawyer. Our attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can provide you with effective solutions.

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