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The divorce phase is guaranteed to be an emotional rollercoaster ride. The decision to end your marriage results in the feeling of being liberated. You are overwhelmed with the feeling that you are now free to do as you choose. You tend to forget that the life you were used to is now largely altered. After all, with the divorce in Northern Virginia, you have broken all matrimony ties with your spouse. Though you may feel that your future is uncertain, it will be a relief to you to know that you are free to make your decisions. Most of your personal decisions involving finance, career, and hobbies can be solely be determined by you.

However, your lawyer in Northern Virginia will inform you that your miseries do not end with your divorce decision. The divorce process can be burdensome. The challenge lies in balancing your new-found freedom with the burdensome divorce process.

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Your lawyer in Northern Virginia will tell you that it can be quite tedious to manage your future goals as well as the tension associated with the pending divorce case. You need to remember the following:
  • A balanced approach to long term, as well as short term goals, is advisable
  • Spending time with your well-wishers is vital. This will help you vent out the stress associated with your divorce in Northern Virginia. After spending such quality time with your well-wishers, you will surely feel relieved and recharged.
  • The most difficult part of the aftermath of divorce in Northern Virginia lies in dealing with the parenting agreement. Your lawyer will ensure that clauses about physical custody; legal custody are unambiguously included in the parenting agreement in your favor.
  • Your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia will inform you that visiting children after divorce is emotional for them.
  • Be informed that drafting the agreement relating to parenting is just the tip of the iceberg. Implementing the clauses of your agreement is a burdensome challenge. Your divorce lawyer will confirm that the agreement is effectively enforced.
  • If you require a modification of the parenting agreement due to change in circumstances, talk to your northern Virginia divorce attorney for advice. You will be advised about how to approach the modification requests.
  • There may be instances where your former spouse continues to violate the agreement. During such circumstances, the role of your attorney in Northern Virginia is crucial.
  • Bear in mind, if you fail to voice your views about the persistent violation by your former spouse through your lawyer in Northern Virginia, you may end up losing all rights over your children.
The perfect approach to your divorce in Northern Virginia can be advised only by an attorney who is well acquainted with the local court procedures. The Northern Virginia lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has provided expedited divorce solutions to clients in Northern Virginia. For authentic information about how the divorce proceeds in Northern Virginia, contact our knowledgeable divorce attorney.


More often our lawyer at Northern Virginia is enquired by clients whether both the husband and the wife can share a common attorney. For such queries, our divorce lawyers have opined to clients that sharing common counsel can complicate matters. The divorce in northern Virginia is neither simple nor less expensive. Clients often come up with the idea of sharing an attorney assuming that the legal expenses of the Northern Virginia divorce may be exorbitant. Your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia will clarify that the same attorney cannot represent both spouses. However, if both spouses agree, an attorney can play a neutral role in facilitating the divorce agreements ensuring the protection of the rights of both parties.

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It is the legal duty of an attorney in Northern Virginia to act in an ethical way towards achieving the best interests of clients. When the same attorney represents both parties, a tug of war of the professional duty of the attorney is created. An attorney cannot take sides when representing both parties. In divorce proceedings, both parties are opposing parties and a common view cannot be taken for most of the matters. Due to these ethical reasons, there cannot be a common divorce lawyer for both parties.

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Your attorney will apprise you that a no fault and uncontested divorce is the best possible scenario in Northern Virginia if you can settle all disputes with your spouse. Couples in Northern Virginia generally find it difficult to settle disputes concerning custody and support. Another aspect they tend to disagree on is asset division. The experienced Northern Virginia divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. has spent decades in mediating broken marital relationships. They have counseled several clients like you. Our divorce lawyer in Northern Virginia can empathize with you and can recommend various possibilities of win-win mutual agreements.

Our attorney in Northern Virginia works systematically to provide valid recommendations to clients about how to provide. An analysis is made about the facts that provide a ground for marriage termination, the possible course of action, the possibility of a successful mediation, the probability of quick divorce by proceeding with an uncontested, no-fault marriage termination. Though the preliminary step involved is notifying clients about all the applicable options, your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia will reveal to you that the final decision is yours to make. The attorney in Northern Virginia who is skilled in the mediation process will never push you against your will. Such a divorce attorney proceeds with the mediation only if you are satisfied with the terms. Generally, lawyers encourage clients to act upon their guidance only if the client also concurs with the opinions of the lawyer about the next course of action.

The lawyer in Northern Virginia at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will explain that uncontested divorce is a quick process and more affordable. However, this method is not applicable when there is a high level of conflict between the spouses. It is to be noted that in cases involving domestic violence or drug abuse, proceeding without contesting the allegations will not serve the purpose.


An attorney in Northern Virginia understands your emotional turmoil. Since a divorce attorney has spent many years dealing with all high-conflict marriage issues, he can relate to your pain. A proficient divorce attorney will assert that ego is one of the major causes of divorce in Northern Virginia.

The attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Northern Virginia has assisted many clients in dealing with their egoistic partners. Ego in marital disputes is caused due to a difference in income or education or any other reason. The divorce attorney in Northern Virginia asserts to their clients that the toughest phase of such divorces is actually beginning them. The significant aspect of terminating such egoistic relationships is deciding to end the relationship.

Your lawyer in Northern Virginia is aware that the crucial decision requires courage. Know from your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia that most egoistic partners don’t allow their spouse so easily to leave them. Even though the victim spouse may have decided to move on, the aggressor will use emotional blackmail to ensure that the separation decision is never implemented.

Having worked with various abused victims of narcissists partners, a skilled divorce attorney is aware of the techniques of handling such issues. If you are in such a critical situation, the attorney in Northern Virginia at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. will brief you about how to proceed. Our divorce attorney apprises clients with similar problems from Northern Virginia that the main cause of their suffering is not the spouse, but the inner belief that they deserve such things.

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Opening up about a tragically broken relationship with someone can be heartbreaking. If such a conversation is with an attorney you have just met, the experience can be awful. Adding up to the misery is the need to provide accurate narrations, about every single incident. The clients in Northern Virginia are generally aware that their attorney should be informed about every intricate detail of the relationship. You cannot afford to miss any information.

  • If the client has failed to provide accurate information to the attorney in Northern Virginia, it may cause an unfavorable ruling. It is important to share your painful experience with your divorce attorney, as it not only gives you peace but also the required legal solutions.
  • Your attorney in Northern Virginia insists on knowing all the details. It is essential to be truthful to your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia. Such honest disclosure of your case is a help you are doing to yourself. If you have concealed significant information, it would be unfair to expect your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia to prepare a foolproof defense.
  • Having deep conversations with your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia is essential. The legal team of family law attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Northern Virginia will provide you adept guidance. It is always advisable to prepare and plan the list of questions to discuss with your divorce attorney.
  • One of the preliminary questions you need to ask your attorney in Northern Virginia is an estimate of the amount payable as attorney fees. Even on investing quality time and energy, the divorce may take years and you may have to plan the source of funds for your legal fees accrued. There is no need for you to hesitate in asking questions about the fees. Your attorney in Northern Virginia is aware as to why you are intent on knowing the actual fees and will disclose an estimate of the expenses liable to be incurred.
  • If you are seriously worried about the direction of your divorce proceeding and want a clear plan, it is always advisable to discuss it with your Northern Virginia attorney. A skilled attorney in Northern Virginia will generally have a clear prediction about when you will obtain the decree. If you have doubts about how to seek maintenance from your spouse, you should immediately obtain the required information from your divorce attorney in Northern Virginia. Whether you are requesting support or paying it, you are entitled to be made aware of the law relating to support by your attorney in Northern VA.
  • Though it is best for the children that their custody is decided by their parents, it may not be the same for all cases. If you and your spouse are unable to amicably agree about custody arrangements, the court may decide on it.
  • Sometimes, your divorce attorney plays a mediator role in negotiating between the parties to arrive at an agreement. The goal of such negotiation is including clauses that protect the parental rights of both parties.

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The attorney in Northern Virginia will apprise you of the essential aspects of your divorce complaint. Your attorney in Northern Virginia will prioritize informing you about the aspects in the complaint so that you will understand the need for you to make full and frank disclosure about the case.

  • On hiring an attorney in Northern Virginia, you will be asked to inform all relevant information about the case. Your attorney will in the course of the discussion cross-question you about your allegations in order to prepare a foolproof complaint. In this situation, you need to remind yourself that the divorce attorney in VA is persistently making enquiries only to prepare an excellent complaint. By such enquiries, the divorce attorney in VA is not judging you.
  • Your attorney in VA generally provides you a form to fill out. The form will include questions about your family. The details about the names, addresses of both parties, required information about children have to be filled out. Such a form provided by the attorney in Northern Virginia will focus on information pertaining to the marriage such as the date and place of marriage, the date of separation, and the place where the parties last resided together. The goal of asking such questions about the marriage is to identify the appropriate jurisdiction to file the case.
  • After talking to your lawyer in Northern Virginia you will realize that identification of the proper jurisdiction may seem to be simple but is actually complex.
  • Once the basic details are included, the inclusion of the fact based allegations should be made. Be informed by your divorce lawyer in Northern Virginia that clear mentioning of allegations is important for fault-based complaints.
  • Though the discussions with your divorce lawyer may seem to be lengthy and complicated, you should understand that such discussions are essential. Your attorney in Northern Virginia will inform you about the need to include factual statements to stress your claim in the complaint. You need not worry about how to prove your claim with evidence at this point. You need to simply provide all facts and information you have about the fault you wish to accuse your spouse with. The consultation with a divorce attorney in Northern Virginia proves to be helpful at this point. Your lawyer in Northern Virginia is aware of the appropriate words that can be used to accurately explain your version of the facts.
  • The last part of your complaint is the prayer you will be requesting the court to grant. The lawyer in Northern Virginia will apprise you that the prayer part is significant. This part of your complaint consists of legal terms. You will require the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney in Northern Virginia to even understand the words included in the prayer.
  • Some points to be included in the last part of the complaint is an explanation about the outcome requested, requests for specific matters such as custody and support, marital asset distribution, requests for financial support from the spouse, etc. Also, the prayer part may include requests for possession of the marital home. If the marriage termination is based on cruelty, the plaintiff can include requests not to be harmed in any manner.

Move out!! Move on!! Help is just a phone call away!! For an exceptional divorce complaint covering all your allegations, contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Once you have resolved to move out of the troubled relationship, you should immediately execute the decision.


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