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These days divorce is being opted in most of the Fairfax VA families and military families are no exception to this. The long and more frequent deployments weaken marital bonds leading to increased divorces among the military troops. Knowing your rights as a military spouse is critical before you consider divorce in Fairfax VA. Divorce laws in Fairfax VA protect military spouses’ rights as well as active members. However, they are loaded with complex specifics and exceptions. The divorce course of action can be complicated than civilian marriages because of the distinctive circumstances of being military, but our well-accomplished lawyer is here to help you grasp the complex knots and ties in the case. Our dexterous lawyer is here to assist you from the minute of filing and will make sure you sail through every moment of your divorce case in Fairfax VA.

You would presume that since each branch of the military has a legal assistance lawyer on the army base, he could easily help you deal with the divorce proceedings in Fairfax VA. But the fact is No! The lawyers in your base can be helpful to appraise and assess the legal papers and credentials, but they cannot stand for you in your divorce case in Fairfax VA. Employing a civilian Fairfax VA lawyer is the preliminary course of action in your divorce cases. Reach our military divorce lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C to help you find the way through the military divorce and other requirements of your family law case.

Taking Professional Consultation From Attorneys Is Crucial

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Not every Fairfax VA divorce lawyer is familiar with military divorce nuances. Your military divorce is specific and needs expertise; do not underestimate the benefit of finding someone with expert knowledge on military principles and guidelines. Keep the service of a well-trained lawyer in Fairfax VA with a specialization in military divorce.

Wondering what a lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C can do for you? A well-accomplished and seasoned lawyer can assist you with child custody and visitation arrangements, benefits, pension, and retirement division, and all the unique aspects of a military divorce in Fairfax VA. Our adept military lawyer will help you work out a plan that protects your interests, as well as the rights of your children.

Remember that there are special rules and requirements applicable to military divorces that do not apply in civil dissolution proceedings in Fairfax VA. Essentially, there are two sets of regulations that work -state laws, which vary from one state to another, and federal military laws. Federal laws may determine which court has jurisdiction or how military pensions are divided, whereas state laws may determine how spousal support is awarded. Spouses from the armed forces in Fairfax VA need to become familiar with the special rules that pertain to military divorces to ensure a smoother dissolution process.

We all know that the excruciating issue of divorce is issues centering on your child’s benefits and you are equipped with myriad decisions to take on. Deciding which spouse should have custody of the children can be more challenging in a military divorce since military service frequently involves prolonged deployments, child support, and child custody issues become even more difficult to resolve than they usually are. In most cases, a service member will not be able to have regular visitation, which puts the bulk of childcare in the hands of the nonmilitary spouse. Child custody and visitation arrangements for armed service members can be complex and require a highly qualified lawyer with both creativity and compassion. Being represented by an accomplished lawyer in Fairfax VA will help the military spouse in strategizing unique techniques to ensure that all legal rights are met for both parties and their children.

Custody Problems?

Are you worried about missing your kids? Want to retain your kids? With all the deployment conditions, you might think that it is not viable, but an eminent lawyer elucidates that a military member can ask the court to award him custody and to allow the children to stay with his parents or a sibling while he is away. Only with the assistance of an insightful lawyer, and an aggressive custody battle in Fairfax VA, all the uncertainties regarding custody issues will be cleared.

A deft lawyer in Fairfax VA cautions you not to erroneously sign away benefits or unknowingly give away property that is rightfully yours. You require assistance from our lawyer to see through this difficult period. An adroit lawyer explains that service members can be ordered to pay more child support than a civilian when getting divorced in Fairfax VA. As the service members are not available to share in visitation and parenting duties when they are not stationed in Fairfax VA, and the custodial spouse may have additional expenses. Be at ease and our lawyer in Fairfax VA will pilot through the complex issues surrounding your case.

Parenting Plan Solutions

Regardless of their working arrangements, all parents must have a parenting plan in the event of a dissolution case. This means that it is important to have a Family Care Plan in Fairfax VA, suggests our client-friendly lawyer. A Family Care Plan explains how their children will be looked after once the divorce has been finalized in Fairfax VA, explaining who has custody and how the kids are cared for when their custodian is unable to look after them. The complexities of your dissolution case require skilled guidance from our lawyer in Fairfax VA who will work to develop creative child custody and visitation plans for parents who travel or are frequently reassigned.

The intricacies accompanying these kinds of military divorces in Fairfax VA can be dealt with only with the assistance of a well-trained and skilled lawyer who will also comprehend that the children want to lead contented, secure, and healthy lives despite the complex change in their parents’ relationship. Working with an experienced lawyer in Fairfax VA at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. is necessary to ensure that you and your children are fairly treated.

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