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Family courts across Manassas, VA are witnessing a steady rise in the number of divorce cases. Terminating a relationship is better than continuing a relationship that doesn’t hold any future. Therefore, couples choose to end their matrimony legally once they are sure their married lives cannot yield any success. Though, procedures related to the dissolution of marriage are not easy, the Virginia law has come up with measures to straighten the processes and make it simple. Despite the simple procedures, the dissolution may not be a cakewalk for many without the assistance of able and experienced Manassas, VA divorce attorneys from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

The time taken to obtain a legal separation varies from case to case depending on the grounds for dissolution and the active involvement of the spouses in getting a quick respite. Only efficient Manassas, VA divorce attorneys, having long years of experience in handling all kinds of family issues, can accurately predict the time taken to process marriage dissolution at the court. It is not mandatory to hire Manassas, VA divorce attorneys to proceed with lawsuits concerning termination of the marriage. But in circumstances wherein the couple is unable to take a unanimous decision on the various aspects of marriage dissolution, it becomes necessary to consult efficient Manassas, VA attorneys. In such cases, the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. provide effective legal support.

Due to contradictory interests, each of the spouses is free to hire separate Manassas, VA divorce attorneys to represent and express their views at the court. In certain cases, one of the marital partners can even request the other to share the expenses incurred in hiring Manassas, VA attorneys. If both the parties fail to achieve consensus regarding their shares in the payment of the fees charged by the Manassas, VA divorce attorneys involved, the court will intervene to settle the matters.

Manassas, VA divorce attorneys elaborate on the two main factors that directly impact the durations involved in finalizing marital split ups at the court
  • The court analyzes the grounds for separation and examines whether one or both the matrimonial partners are at fault, as acknowledged by the state laws.
  • Contested divorces are time-consuming compared to the non-contested ones.

Couples opting to end their marriages should make themselves clear about the ways with which they can proceed with their legal separations. It is highly recommended to contact Manassas, VA divorce attorneys before jumping to conclusions. It is really important for the spouses to understand the nature of their dissolutions, as the very first step in filing dissolution is to state the reasons for the separation. Manassas, VA divorce attorneys educate their clients on the grounds with which marriage dissolutions can be availed at the courtrooms as dissolution is approved only if the grounds stated for separation are as per the norms recognized by the Virginia family laws.

Nature Of A Divorce

Manassas, VA attorneys enlighten their clients on the two main grounds that could be cited to acquire matrimonial dissolution:

  • Individuals can lodge a petition to avail dissolution if their marital partner happens to have committed a serious felony.
  • Couple realizing that their marriage is not working the way they wanted it to be, can opt for marriage dissolution after living separately for a fixed period.

Manassas, VA divorce attorneys make use of appropriate laws and proceed with all legal processes depending on the grounds put forth by their clients for their split-ups.

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Fault-based legal separation

An individual filing for fault-based marriage dissolution should seek the assistance of proficient Manassas, VA divorce attorneys, who come up with grounds stating that the spouse of their client is legally at fault. Manassas, VA divorce attorneys even expatiate on the fault recognized by the laws. Manassas, VA attorneys ensure that the faults cited by their clients fall under one of the categories mentioned herein:

  • Extramarital affairs
  • Crime convictions
  • Desertion
  • Domestic violence

Manassas, VA attorneys will be able to obtain divorces as desired by their clients only if they come up with the proof that the other spouse has committed one of the faults listed above. In the case of criminal convictions, the work of Manassas, VA divorce attorneys becomes easy as the court will be able to readily access the criminal history of the concerned party. On the other hand, Manassas, VA attorneys will find it difficult to gather evidence for dissolution filed on the ground of extramarital affairs.

No-fault separations

Couples splitting for reasons other than the ones briefed above are known to be legally seeking no-fault dissolution. Spouses, known to have a disagreement, difference of opinion, and those who are unable to claim evidence to prove that the other partner is at fault, can opt for a no-fault marriage termination with the help of efficient Manassas, VA divorce attorneys. However, a couple will be bound to stay separately for a period of six or twelve months before filing. If there are no minor kids and if the couple unanimously approve on a settlement agreement prepared under the guidance of their Manassas, VA divorce attorneys, then they will be asked to stay separated for six months. The Manassas, VA attorneys majorly deal with no-fault marriage dissolution. It usually takes a year or more to finalize all legal procedures about divorce in Virginia.

Role of Manassas, VA divorce attorneys in preparing settlement agreements

Manassas, VA attorneys are highly capable of drafting settlement agreements with clauses that are favorable to both the parties involved. While preparing these documents, Manassas, VA divorce attorneys propose particulars regarding the division of assets, sharing of debts, child and spousal support. The elements put forth in these legal papers under the guidance of Manassas, VA divorce attorneys become applicable after the finalization of the dissolution at the court. Manassas, VA divorce attorneys also warn clients on the consequences that could be incurred when any of the norms are disregarded or overruled.

Lawyers explain contested divorce

Couples unable to reach a consensus on their settlement agreement end up facing a contested dissolution. In these cases, mediators are allowed to intervene and they negotiate with the marital partners to bring in favorable settlements and compromise for both parties. In these cases, the mediators could be professional counselors, judges, or Manassas, VA divorce attorneys.

In a contested case, if there is a prenuptial agreement, the process is simplified in terms of spousal support. If the prenuptial agreement acknowledges child custody there will be no intervention by the family court. Though, if the judge decides the circumstances are not conducive to apply the prenuptial agreement in case of child custody, the case may be presented before the court and your divorce attorneys in Manassas, VA will have more work to do.

In a contested dissolution, the discovery phase calls for the exchange of information between the spouses in a deposition format. The depositions are performed under oath and are accepted as evidence by the court. Senior attorneys in Manassas, VA can explain the process. It helps to decide on the separation terms. The judge’s schedule plays an important role in determining the length of the case. The discovery and arguments take time in the contested dissolution. The dates are likely to extend if the asset division and custody issues need the involvement of both parties. Seek the advice of the attorneys at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Manassas, VA on a speedy termination of the marriage.

Lawyers explain the uncontested divorce

During uncontested marriage dissolution, the couple reaches a unanimous decision on the settlement agreement on their own without the intervention of third parties. Spouses wishing for dissolution under mutual content can get assistance from the top Manassas, VA divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to proceed with the termination of marriage uncontested. In these circumstances, Manassas, VA divorce attorneys will have to file the requisite papers at the family courts operational in the localities of their clients. Uncontested marital split ups can become less stressful and time saving upon hiring skilled Manassas, VA divorce attorneys for legal support.

‘Immediate’ Absolute Divorce

Upon filing petitions for a no-fault legal separation or a fault-based legal separation under the grounds of domestic violence and desertion, the couples will be entitled to stay separated for a period of six to twelve months. Therefore, the progress concerning the procedures involved in a dissolution process can be achieved only after being subjected to these waiting periods. Your attorneys in Manassas, VA will prepare all the paperwork.

In the case of a no-fault dissolution based on adultery or crime convictions, couples qualify to avail an ‘immediate’ absolute divorce, during which the spouses need not go through the waiting periods as their marriage dissolutions get finalized as soon as the judge approves all documents about the marital split-ups. However, it should be noted that an immediate absolute marriage termination can also turn out to be contested and in such a scenario, progress concerning the case at the court could be slowed down. During this time, it is best to seek the advice of reputed Manassas, VA divorce attorneys from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. at the earliest, to simplify all legal procedures about marriage dissolutions.

Quick divorce in the case of adultery

  • Initially, the spouse claiming for divorce due to illegal affairs of their partner should seek legal assistance from Manassas, VA attorneys to lodge a complaint stating the reasons for their separations at the circuit court.
  • Manassas, VA divorce attorneys will issue notices to the spouse of their client expatiating on the details of the charges filed against them.
  • Upon receiving a summon or notice, the other spouse will have to present their response regarding the issue immediately.
  • Meanwhile, the spouse sending the notice and their Manassas, VA divorce attorneys will work together to collect all evidence supporting the extramarital affair of the opposite party.
  • Manassas, VA divorce attorneys will look into proving the presence of opportunities that would have encouraged the spouse of their clients to have relationships outside their marriages.
  • Manassas, VA divorce attorneys finding it difficult to gather proofs during these cases seek help from a private detective agency, who are efficient in handling cases of similar nature.
  • Manassas, VA divorce attorneys mainly look into accessing appropriate digital contents like textual conversations, photographs, and video graphic evidence to support the claims put forth by their clients.
  • Once all requisite proofs and documents are collected, Manassas, VA attorneys proceed with their cases at the court.

Divorces based on a felony conviction

If your spouse is sentenced to imprisonment for twelve months and more, you can seek quick dissolution under the guidance of Manassas, VA divorce attorneys. In these cases, the work of Manassas, VA divorce attorneys becomes easy as criminal records of the other party can be readily accessed by the court. However, it becomes difficult to process cases with one of the marital partners serving imprisonment during a trial. Incarcerations are widely regarded as legal disabilities. During a legal disability, Manassas, VA divorce attorneys may find it time-consuming to acquire necessary signatures from the incarcerated spouse and it further delays the progress of the marriage dissolution at the court.

People looking to avail fault-based legal separations filed based on criminal convictions and adultery can also file for immediate absolute marriage dissolutions with the help of talented attorneys in Manassas, VA. Individuals opting for fault-based marital split ups on the grounds of cruelty and adultery will never be able to proceed with a quick dissolution but end up receiving another alternative called the bed and board marriage termination.

Bed and Board divorces

Bed and board legal separation involves the same procedure as any normal termination of marriage including settlement on the division of assets, child and spousal support. But the most important advantage that comes in with this kind of dissolution is that the couple need not have to serve the waiting period before proceeding with the trial at the court. If you have a situation, contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and get the advice of our skilled and experienced attorneys.

Manassas, VA divorce attorneys recommend their client to go with bed and board matrimonial dissolutions when one of the spouses intends to file a lawsuit based on the grounds of domestic violence and adultery. Another contrasting feature that makes the bed and board marital split up unique from others is, the defendants need not have to agree on the case filed at the court.

People preferring this kind of legal separation can seek help from the reputed Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. The Manassas, VA divorce attorneys place a request to determine who is likely to possess the rights over marital assets after the legalization of the divorce by the court. When a panel of juries proposes judgment declaring one of the spouses as the rightful owner of the marital property, the others will have to move out. Other assets including shares, lands, antiques, cash, jewels, etc., can be divided with the assistance of proficient Manassas, VA divorce attorneys, who ably guide their clients to come up with decisions favorable to both the parties involved.

A couple availing separation through this procedure remains married legally. Manassas, VA divorce attorneys educate their clients beforehand on the restrictions, to avoid legal discrepancies due to indifferences anytime later. Spouses separated using these processes are bound by certain restrictions. Some of them are listed herein:
  • Remarriage is not allowed unless and until the court approves an immediate divorce for the couple.
  • The benefits of tax commitments and insurance will be shared equally between the marital partners.

The time taken to legalize a separation varies with respect to the nature of the cases and the proficiency of the attorneys involved. Therefore, it is suggested to get hold of the best Manassas, VA divorce attorneys to accelerate the progress of the lawsuit at the court. The Manassas, VA divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are highly capable of providing steady steering through all legal procedures.

A large number of divorce attorneys levy reasonable charges for their services. Almost all Manassas, VA divorce attorneys request payment of retainers from their clients before commencing their work. The Manassas, VA divorce attorneys have evolved to become an irresistible component of all matrimonial split-ups in Virginia.

In the end, there may be nothing called a fast-track divorce. The process of ending a marriage takes months to even years. The period cannot be determined even by the best of attorneys. There are several factors involved from the time of separation to getting the final decree on time. This is the reason one cannot predict the exact time the termination of marriage can take. If you are considering terminating your marriage speak to experienced divorce attorneys in Manassas, VA. In the state of Virginia, dissolution takes longer and is resolved within 15 months. Again, it depends on how quickly the couple can reach an agreement and how effectively your Manassas, VA divorce attorneys are competent enough to pursue your case.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is in the fray for a long time and has gathered ample experience in handle dissolution in Manassas, VA. Ourdivorce attorneys are skilled and experienced creating a positive environment, as you transit your case with utmost confidence and comfort.


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