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Understanding Marriage Termination Procedures

Divorce is by and large a one-sided choice. Hardly ever do couples sit down and come to the decision to dissolve the marriage together. In several divorce cases, a husband in Alexandria is left to endure the impact of his partner’s decision to file for a divorce.

Such a rejection is a massive blow to a man’s emotional stability. He is left with perplexity, thoughts of losing the right to parent his children, and the uncertainty of not being able to preserve his lawful rights in the VA court system that seems to favor women and mothers during the divorce process. Men out there with a divorce in Alexandria should step into The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. Our divorce lawyers will aid you with proficient counsel from a man and father’s point of view.

VA law identifies Fault and No-fault basis for divorce. The divorce process kicks off in Alexandria if you point the finger at your wife. Also, if your spouse laid blame on you, the process is considered fault-based and the divorce proceeds as a contested divorce in VA. If you opine that the case is fit for a contested divorce in Alexandria, do contact the skilled and professional lawyers to know the insights of a contested divorce.

The Alexandria lawyers will tell you that a divorce in Alexandria VA may be contested if you and your partner are unable to reach an agreement on issues like property division, child custody & visitation, child support, and spousal support.

Fortunately the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. focuses on their client’s rights in all these above areas in an Alexandria divorce. The lawyers in Alexandria VA can offer thoughtful, advice that reflects current legal thinking and cases specific to VA law. The experienced divorce lawyers with expertise in family law in Alexandria will fight firmly to defend all your rights, including

  • The unequivocal right to an equitable property settlement
  • The right to take custody of the children.
  • The indisputable right to preserve your financial security.

What Constitutes A Fault Divorce?

Fault basis for divorce in VA is a contested divorce and the lawyers must establish to the satisfaction of the Alexandria Court that your partner committed one of these acts.

The basis for a fault-based divorce in Alexandria VA is adultery, a conviction for a felony after the marriage, cruel acts causing a reasonable fear of physical harm, willful desertion for one year. To know more about faults associated with the case do contact the skilled lawyers in Alexandria for a better understanding of the case.

When you realize that your partner has committed an actual crime, you need the assistance of Alexandria lawyers to present the case in VA. Eyewitnesses, testimony, depositions, circumstantial evidence, and forensic evidence are involved. Often the crimes that are directly connected to divorce in VA are not easy to prove. By relying on the lawyers in Alexandria one can present the strongest possible case in the contested divorce.

How Do You View An Uncontested Divorce?

Without any thoughts about the long-term consequences, some VA men waive their rights by speeding up the process and filing an uncontested divorce. Stay away from such rash decisions and contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in Alexandria. To understand the other aspects of uncontested divorce do talk to the versatile lawyers in Alexandria who are specialized in family law. Our divorce lawyers are knowledgeable in the uncontested divorce process and will guide you through every step of the case.

With the help of lawyers in Alexandria VA, initiating uncontested divorce will require the following

  • Separation as mandatorily required by the VA law
  • Complaint for a no-fault divorce filed in the Alexandria court
  • Agreement for child support, child custody, visitation, and spousal support in VA and
  • Property settlement agreement including all assets, debts, and property division of VA

What Are The Practical Issues In Finalizing The Property Settlement Agreement?

VA law provides for equitable distribution of the marital property of the marriage at the time of the final divorce between the parties. In implementing the concept of equitable distribution the VA courts are authorized to make monetary awards to one of the parties, and may also divide property, order its sale, or transfer jointly owned marital property to one of the parties. The VA court is not required to mandatorily split the marital property between the partners on an equal basis. In determining an equitable division of marital property, the Court in Alexandria considers the various aspects explicit in VA equitable distribution law. Also, the relative monetary and non-monetary contribution of each of the parties is presented by lawyers in Alexandria VA. The court also analyzes who has played a major role in the well-being of the family and the acquisition of the marital property. Pensions and retirement plans are subjected to equitable distribution in VA. You should contact qualified lawyers when you deal with the Property settlement agreement in Alexandria.

An uncontested divorce in Alexandria, as a rule, progresses swiftly in the VA’s court system, so within six months or a year after beginning the proceedings, you obtain the divorce. This way, the children need not encounter the emotional consequences associated with a contested divorce in VA. Your health will not suffer, unlike a contested divorce in Alexandria. Our lawyers in VA will make sure your rights as a man and father are protected, that property settlement is equitable, and any expenditure you incur is equitable.

Uncontested divorces do necessitate the partners in Alexandria VA to work mutually, for the separation. Unluckily during uncontested divorce arrangements in Alexandria VA, some discrepancies do pop up, and having lawyers by your side is a huge relief. The lawyers in Alexandria can defend your rights, plan your responsibilities, and work with the opposing lawyers to come to a concurrence.

It is commonly opined that the quickest divorce in VA is through an uncontested divorce. If the spouses have no conflict on the complex aspects of separating, including custody of children, property division, and support payments, the process can end swiftly. While you may be lured to try to walk through an uncontested divorce in Alexandria VA all by yourself, it is never advisable. Our lawyers in Alexandria are renowned for protecting the rights of VA men during the divorce process, and even in an uncontested divorce, your rights ought to be protected. Do talk to the VA lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. when proceeding with an uncontested divorce.

Protecting Children By Proceeding With An Uncontested Divorce

In VA divorce proceedings, children are unintentional victims. If the children are to be shielded from the negative consequences of the divorce in Alexandria, proceeding with the support of lawyers is essential. A lawyer will ensure that the blow of divorce on children is minimal. With an uncontested divorce in Alexandria, the children are safeguarded from the conflict and controversies a contested divorce brings. Our family lawyers in Alexandria will work tirelessly to protect your rights considering the best interest of the children.

How Can Men Prioritize Their Child Custody Rights?

The family court system is presumed to favor women when it decides child custody. Though fathers in Alexandria are willing to go the extra mile in gaining more time with their children after divorce, prejudice seems to exist. Lawyers in Alexandria focus on all these factors in working with child custody rights. To a greater extent fathers are gaining equal custody and in some cases, complete custody of their children is won with the help of skilled lawyers specialized in child custody laws.

Every father must comprehend the value of their role in a child’s life. Your wife may want a divorce, that doesn’t mean you have to become a mere visitor in your child’s life. With experienced lawyers in VA who understand the necessity to gain as much custody as possible, fight aggressively to win custody.

What Should You Look For In Child Support Payments?

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Child support is a payment made by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to facilitate the expenses of raising a child in Alexandria. If you’re paying child support, you may suffer when the payments are high. Our VA lawyers will caution you against merely refusing to pay. With the assistance of lawyers, you can work out modifications to the court-ordered payments at any time. If you’re receiving child support payments from the child’s mother or trying to do so without success, our lawyers can assist with that as well. For clarifications on child support payments, do talk to our lawyers in Alexandria who can protect your rights under VA law.

What Differentiates Marital Disputes Of Military Personnel From Ordinary People?

Uncontested divorce in VA is often attractive to members of the armed forces, say lawyers. Posted outside VA, on a ship far at sea, or tied down to an airbase, the military personnel do not have the time nor can they be physically present to walk in and out of VA courtrooms for trials. With the skilled lawyers experienced in handling military divorces, the proceedings can be defined to suit your needs. Our lawyers in Alexandria VA can plan to keep you updated, find convenient dates for any needed court appearances, and reduce anxiety. Our Alexandria lawyers specialized in military cases will fight aggressively on your behalf to win the case.

A lot of military men with demanding schedules sign away their rights rather than contest the marriage dissolution in VA. They assume that it is somehow trouble-free, and a quicker way out. This is not the case, and our military lawyers in Alexandria will tell you why. Our lawyers in VA will defend your rights as a priority. The military divorce lawyers in Alexandria will make sure you are treated equally. Any attempt to force you into accepting any unacceptable conditions will be aggressively fought by your lawyers. With the aid of imminent Alexandria lawyers, the process will end smoothly.

How Do Lawyers Uncover Solutions For A Military Divorce Case In Alexandria?

The military lawyers in Alexandria will formulate actions that support the military agenda, making it convenient to deal with the procedures associated with the VA case. The lawyers in Alexandria VA will also play a major role in drafting the line of actions to be executed. The VA lawyers with expertise in military cases will explain the following:

  • Child support that is to be paid from the military paycheck
  • Visitation schedules that are planned based on the holiday schedule
  • Divorce strategies that protect the military pension, retirement funds, and
  • Property settlement agreements

The Alexandria lawyers will keep you well-informed of the case’s progress, your responsibility and requirements, and the partner’s state of affairs on everything. With the help of the VA divorce lawyers specialized in military cases there is no room for bewilderment or bafflement associated with the case. The lawyers in Alexandria will make the process a quick and hassle-free one so that you can focus on safeguarding the nation.

Due to several of these reasons, an uncontested divorce is often the best answer for many of the Alexandria couples. The lawyers with sound knowledge in VA military cases can negotiate from a position of strength. Hiring Alexandria lawyers who have the experience, strength, and skill to help you get through the uncontested divorce is essential. Your lawyers will work with you to update you on every stage of the divorce in VA. Lawyers in Alexandria can work amicably with the opposing lawyers while still guarding your rights.

Does VA Law Mull Over The Suffering Of Men?

VA’s legal system is not stereotyped in prejudice to one particular gender. VA law quotes abuse as family abuse. Any act involving violence, force, or threat including any forceful detention, which paves the way to serious bodily injury and which is directed by an individual against a household member is considered as family abuse. Not all cases are instances of a male member injuring the female, incidents of female hitting the male member also occur. If your wife is abusing you, you should get help from the lawyers of Alexandria who is specialized in family law.

If you feel that your partner in Alexandria VA is abusing you, you have a right to seek respite from that abuse through lawyers. You should first seek police action followed by legal action with the aid of Alexandria lawyers in VA court. If you are in pressing danger in Alexandria, do not hesitate to involve the police. Under VA law, law enforcement officers are required to arrest any individual alleged of the crime of domestic assault and battery. Though the arrest in Alexandria may provide you a night’s relief from the abuse, you should proceed with a long-term plan. The situation requires a protective order in VA. A protective order in Alexandria can offer up to two years of protection.

Emergency Protective Order (EPO) -An EPO is requested in the VA court by a law enforcement officer or a family abuse victim when there is a good cause to believe family abuse has occurred or will occur; the EPO is good for at least 72 hours in Alexandria.

Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) -A family abuse victim may request a VA Court for a preliminary order, the PPO is valid until a full hearing is set up.

Protective Order (PO) A family abuse victim may request a PO in the VA Court. The PO may only be issued after giving notice to both parties and after the prospect of a full hearing before a judge, and it can be valid for up to two years in Alexandria.

A decision of guilt for family abuse carries a sentence of a Class 1 Misdemeanor under VA law, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months, and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both. Do contact the family law attorneys to know more about the protective order.

Once your partner is in VA jail for abusing you, you have the required time to initiate separation and divorce proceedings in Alexandria. Their conduct, arrest, and conviction offer you the basis for fault grounds under VA law. With family abuse allegations, the family lawyers in Alexandria will ensure that the spouse’s conduct is proved as a fault. Your lawyers will guide you to overcome all the downs and will provide you with the confidence of leading life on a positive note.

Our imminent lawyers can help with matters of domestic violence, allegations of family abuse, moving for protective orders, and filing for separation and divorce in VA. Do contact the domestic violence lawyers in Alexandria to understand more about the rights associated with VA family abuse.

The process of divorce in Alexandria VA is a complicated issue. There is no room for any extreme emotions with family lawyers are at your side. The most imperative thing a man can do is deal with the emotional phase of divorce in a way that doesn’t disrupt the lawful remedies available under Virginia law. With the help of dedicated and trustworthy lawyers in Alexandria, you can win the case.


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