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Divorces in Virginia can be a smooth or complicated process depending upon each case and the factors surrounding it. Marriage dissolution can happen on various grounds; domestic violence, felony, abuses, adultery, and so on. Divorce can be contested or uncontested too. Contested cases are the ones where a spouse contests the charges leveled by the other spouse. In such cases, generally, the spouses are not on the same page with regard to the legal separation and other facets associated with it. Uncontested cases, on the other hand, are generally the result of compatibility issues and may not have any underlying cruelty or deceit involved. In such cases, both the spouses are agreeable on most of the aspects related to the dissolution. It goes without saying that uncontested dissolution has a much smoother process as compared to contested ones. The role of a legal firm like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C is crucial in contested than in uncontested cases.

The dissolution process can get complicated in cases where children are involved. Suppose, the couple in question does not have any children, they need to spend a separation period of six months before filing for a dissolution in Virginia whereas this period increases to one year in case the couple has children. Other than the mandatory separation period that gets enhanced, such processes also include various other associated issues too.

Just like every other state Virginia has its own set of laws and regulation for family law matters. Divorce lawyer Fairfax VA is the best person to offer the best legal solutions in all such divorce matters.

Is it important to hire divorce lawyer Fairfax VA?

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Virginian law does not make it mandatory for those seeking breakup to arbitrarily hire a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. People can fight their case themselves without hiring a lawyer in case they want to, but hiring an accomplished divorce lawyer Fairfax VA goes a long way in making the process seamless. Divorce lawyer Fairfax VA, with their years of experience, knows the best strategies for fighting such cases. Not only that, every divorce lawyer Fairfax VA has the best know-how of the requisite legal knowledge too. By combining these two facets, a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA is able to craft high-quality legal solutions; something that may not be possible for a client to formulate by himself. Divorce lawyer Fairfax VA represents their clients in court, does all the necessary paperwork on behalf of them, and keeps track of all such similar cases and the judgments passed therein.

The role of divorce lawyer Fairfax VA becomes especially critical in the cases of contested dissolution and especially in child custody and child supports issues. Though nobody is generally sentenced in cases of family matters, yet such legal fights can become acrimonious and long-drawn. Divorce lawyer Fairfax VA not only helps their clients with the best legal solutions but with out-of-court settlements too in cases wherein that seems a better solution.

A divorce lawyer Fairfax VA is the best person to inform his/her clients regarding their duties rights and responsibilities. Divorce lawyer Fairfax VA gives a clear picture to the client as to what they should be expecting out of a case and the probable time frame for the case to culminate. Knowing one’s rights is not only important in case of separation but also in cases of child custody and child support. Opting for marriage termination is a life-altering decision for both the partners as well as the children involved. Therefore it is advisable for people to consult the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to know about the rights and responsibilities before filing a case.

How to select the right divorce lawyer Fairfax VA?

There are divorce lawyers galore in Fairfax Virginia but when selecting one, a person needs to put a few factors into consideration.

  • Experience: This is by far the most important factor when selecting a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. Though this does not mean that newbies do not have a chance at winning cases but hiring an experienced divorce lawyer Fairfax VA will give loads of confidence to the clients.
  • Testimonial: Checking testimonials is also very important when selecting a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. Speaking to previous clients will help here. If one is not able to find any former clients of the given divorce lawyer Fairfax VA on their own, the person can always ask for a list of former clients from the concerned lawyer. Other than the success rate of the given divorce lawyer Fairfax VA, it is also important to know about the confidentiality factor of the lawyer.
  • Accessibility: It is very important to ensure that the chosen divorce lawyer Fairfax VA is accessible as and when the client wants to communicate with her/him. More often than not, one of the biggest factors that play a crucial role in somebody winning or losing a case is the accessibility factor between the divorce lawyer Fairfax VA and the client and their communications. If a lawyer is not reachable most of the time, has too many cases at any given point in time, or does not answer the calls of the client, there is little probability of a successful case.
  • Comfort level: It is also important that the client is comfortable when interacting with the given divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. Since dissolution may entail enquiring several personal questions from the clients, it is important that both the divorce lawyer Fairfax VA and the client share a certain level of comfort with each other.
  • Budget: Finally, the fee of the chosen divorce lawyer Fairfax VA should be well within the budget of the client. Though with experience and success a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA may tend to ask for higher remuneration, yet with so many lawyers around, it would not be difficult for somebody to find one who has all the above-mentioned qualities and yet is affordable for most of the people.

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