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How Divorce Lawyer Alexandria VA Handle Senior Citizen Divorce?

Termination of matrimony is not just meant for young couples. A good number of senior citizens get their marriages terminated due to misunderstandings that simply cannot be resolved. A legal split up by itself is taxing and draining and the complexities worsen when the same involves elderly people. A divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA can be of tremendous help in such circumstances. The role of a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA in gray divorce does not end with just legal representations, as they go one step forward to provide additional support, morally and emotionally, considering the age and physical incapability of the couple. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is your one-point contact for gray dissolution as our divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA comes with loads of experience.

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The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA is witnessing a steady increase in the number of old age applicants registering for legal separations. Professional counselors have come up with various reasons as to why there is a sudden increment in the number of gray dissolution filed at the courts of VA.

Financial issues

Senior citizens approaching a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA for legal assistance have claimed financial issues to be the major reasons for their split-ups. The management of finances in a family can become challenging when one of the spouses has little or nil expertise in the effective running of the household. Divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA also witnesses a large number of old aged couples, who apply for dissolution due to accumulation of debts. A few senior citizens seek legal support from divorce lawyer Alexandria VA to legally separate from their spouses who spend lavishly and mismanage familial funds with no prospective thoughts on savings. Old-aged marital partners with uneven income also look for marriage dissolution with the help of a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA. Therefore, the financial conditions of the couple play significant roles in the gray dissolution lawsuits registered at the family courts, and the assistance of an able divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA is inevitable.

Widening of distances between a relationship

Old-aged citizens, who grew apart and distanced themselves from their spouses as time passed by, eventually opt to obtain separations with the assistance of an efficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA. The taboos concerning dissolution are vanishing gradually. Therefore, senior citizens with non-working marriages find dissolution as the best course of action that incurs favorable results when guided by a proficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA. Major portions of the lives of all parents revolve around their children. The environment in a family becomes secluded and parents are eventually left alone when kids become adults and leave the homes to begin new families. This space becomes a vacuum that invites unwanted arguments between the deserted couple. Stranded spouses, who should turn to their married partners for solace and comfort, end up quarreling with each other even for the smallest misunderstandings.

Infidelity in VA

Old married couples, who seek the aid of a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA, put forth infidelity as one of the reasons. Spouses, who are self-centered, and those who place their happiness, pleasures, and desires ahead of that of the others around them eventually lose the trust and faith of their partners. Cheating in marriage by involving in extramarital and illegitimate relationships has become common and the stigma that surrounds it is slowly diminishing. Divorce lawyers in Alexandria VA have also witnessed webpages that link married people with sexual partners temporarily. Married men who have aged fall for younger women and vice versa. Therefore, cheating and unfaithfulness are the common reasons put forth by the senior citizens who consult a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to attain marital terminations.

Interests to explore new ways of happiness

The life span of people across the globe is increased when compared to the previous decades, due to the rapid development and innovations in the field of medicine. Therefore, people around the age of 50s find it right to explore new means of happiness through fresh relationships. Individuals today have better access to advanced medicines and health care facilities that keep them physically and mentally fit even during their old age. Therefore, they tend to enter into relationships with new partners, who will suit their tastes in needs and interests. Spouses, wanting to dissolve their marriages with partners who are found to have extramarital affairs, can gain assistance from a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to better meet the issue. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA will be aware of the ways with which dissolution can be availed easily in these cases. Therefore, obtain help from an experienced divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to legally acquire terminations of non-working matrimonies.


Addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, and gambling can seriously impact the structure and the very foundation of a family. Severe addictions draw individuals into an intoxicated state that makes them highly self-oriented. They will tend to spend lavishly to fulfill their desires, paying zero heed to the necessities of the people around them. Statements and testimonies, submitted by the complainants to their divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA, in these cases, usually expatiate on the involvement of their spouses in illegal betting activities and practices. Gambling and betting, when blown out of proportion, can lead to irrecoverable financial losses. Therefore, it is best to contact a long-standing divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA during these circumstances, as they provide effective resolutions to obtain compensations for the personal losses incurred by the petitioners due to the addictions of their spouses.

Effects of a gray dissolution in Alexandria VA

A marriage termination, in general, imbibes a lot of complexities and a gray dissolution is no exception to this matter of fact. Old-aged couples can acquire support from a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to hasten the accomplishment of all requisite procedures. A competent divorce lawyer, Alexandria VA will provide effective navigation through all court processes. Therefore, senior citizens, who are fragile and weak due to aging, can acquire legal assistance and emotional guidance from an efficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to bring in favorable outcomes.

A gray dissolution is not just about the legal complications that resolve, upon the interventions of a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA. Parents, getting their marriages terminated during the latter stages of their lives, face a lot more challenges than young couples, who acquire dissolution. The kids suffer and experience a major portion of the complexities that arise with the legalization of the separation of their parents. The children would have acquainted themselves to a single whole familial unit all through their years and a sudden split in the same makes it hard for them to readily adapt to the familial changes. Situations become highly traumatizing when the children are asked to pick sides between their parents. Check with your divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA on how to resolve issues amicably.

Division of assets and debts becomes challenging due to consideration of other important elements like investment plans, life or medical insurances and retirement allowances, etc. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. for gray dissolution, and our divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA can guide you through the process.

Splitting of properties in Alexandria VA

When it comes to dissolving long-term matrimonies, a large amount of the wealth accumulated is bound to the homes that inhabited the families all along. An experienced divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA is well cognizant of the minute nuances that play major roles in the allocation of properties. Therefore, individuals wanting dissolution of marriage should consult a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to acquire an overall insight into the procedures that are required to be fulfilled, before concluding. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA will have to negotiate with the spouses of their clients to bring in favorable results to both the parties involved. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA has high expertise in the laws that govern these areas. Therefore, efficacious assistance from the best divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA proves useful and mandatory in all gray dissolutions.

Spouses, wanting to obtain the residential properties that are currently shared with their partners, can seek guidance from a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to legally acquire the same. However, individuals desiring residential assets will be required to forgo other retirement benefits and allowances that can be availed from their partners. People, residing at luxurious homes, usually request their divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to avail of other financial compensations like retirement allowances, due to their fears of rich unaffordable lifestyles that come in with these homes.

Couples, wanting to separate, should get legal counseling from a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA, and financial counseling from the professionals of the concerned field to make informed decisions regarding the division of assets. It is not advisable to acquire rights over residential homes that incur huge expenditures, with regard to taxes, electricity bills, etc. Therefore, engage in periodical meetings with a proficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to contemplate the standards of living that seem affordable and reasonable. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA even renders personal suggestions, paying heed to the welfare of their clients. For instance, a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA suggests the clients consider renting apartments instead of readily purchasing residential homes, during cases wherein the latter look to relocate to foreign lands after the finalization of the marriage dissolution.

A lawyer explains the division of shared assets

The work of the lawyer in Alexandria VA turns challenging when the couple, seeking a divorce, possesses a very high value of net worth but has a very low amount of cash in hand. A divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA finds it difficult to split the funds of marital partners, who have complicated assets like small scale investments and personal equity holdings that are usually hard to divide.

Situations worsen for the divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA during circumstances, wherein the spouses together run a joint business that fetches reasonable profits. This is because, the spouse desiring to obtain complete ownership of the business will have to eventually work for a long number of years to earn the amount desirable to purchase the jointly run company, as a whole. Couples failing to reach consensus even with the intervention of their respective divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA will have to face decreased settlements later on. Old aged people opting for dissolution are advised by their divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to lessen their exposure to the risks of decreased liabilities, by keeping track of the values of assets owned by them. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA also instructs clients to avoid purchasing properties that cannot be easily converted to cash, as it may bring in financial risks during the processes. The divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA also warns clients to be aware of the debts and loans received by their partners, by placing assets and homes as sureties.

Lawyer on the influence of gray divorce on post-retirement plans

Old-aged couples desiring dissolution should regularly meet up with their spouses under the presence of their respective divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to draft plans that ensure financial stabilities, post their retirements. Spouses, who earn high incomes and those who have attained the maximum ages of retirement, are forced to work a little longer to pay for the compensations demanded by their partners.

Receiving a considerable portion of a retirement benefit is not the same as acquiring a negligible value of the asset that is prone to various taxations. Therefore, consult with divorce lawyers Alexandria VA and accountants before obtaining financial compensations, related to an asset, as it may bring in increased tax burdens compared to the gains obtained.

Lawyer on the significance of post-nuptial agreements

People, who are uncertain about the longevities of their marriages and those who are non-reluctant to seek gray dissolution of marriage, can gain assistance from an efficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to draft a post-nuptial agreement. A post-nuptial agreement is ably prepared by a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA to elaborate on the norms that govern the financial and custodial settlements between the couple, post the approval of their dissolution. A divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA recommends the preparation of post-nuptial agreement only during circumstances, wherein the spouses are completely unaware of the incomes and total assessment of wealth earned by their partners. Drafting of these documents becomes challenging without the guidance of a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA. Therefore, avail aid from a proficient divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA during the preparation of these agreements to acquire favorable results.

All individuals, who have doubts regarding the division of assets and wealth, should seek help from a financial analyst and divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA, who have additional expertise in these areas. A divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA is highly crucial for all gray dissolution. Therefore, contact a divorce lawyer in Alexandria to obtain speedy results and required legal representations.

How a divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA solve concerns faced by senior citizens?

Senior marriage termination is on the rise, simply because of the high life expectancy rate and rising expectations. Seniors do not consider it a stigma anymore to end their marriage at this age. The assistance of divorce lawyer Alexandria VA has made the process simple and quick. With no minor children in the picture, dissolution has become easier for seniors. There is no more completion to stay married for the sake of their children as they have grown up kids who do not need their support anymore. Yet there may be concerns that could be best resolved by the divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Despite the ease to get marriage dissolution, the financial concerns are high in case of senior dissolution. The most crucial concern is retirement assets and how to divide them between the couple. If you have any doubts contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and our divorce lawyers Alexandria VA will tell you how to ease your concerns. In the equitable distribution of property, the court considers properties acquired post-marriage till the date of separation as marital assets.

The assets include pension and contribution plans. In the case of a spouse who has retired or reaching retirement age, there is no scope for retirement savings, the retirement budget is cut in half. This could lead to downsizing on their standard of living they enjoyed before their dissolution. If you want to understand the retirement asset division, your divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA will explain better.

For those who are yet to retire, the option is to continue with the job and postpone retirement. The income earned post separation does not fall under the marital property. If you are on the verge of retirement and seeking dissolution, check out with the divorce lawyers Alexandria VA from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

In long marriages, the income disparity between the spouses is greater. The court normally awards spousal support to the spouse who earns little or the one who stays at home. When the primary earner does not continue to work and the retirement assets are divided equitably, then the court may not order spousal support as they have comparable incomes. If you want to fight spousal support, the best divorce lawyer in Alexandria VA is available at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.

Health insurance is another major concern where the ex-spouse cannot hold the spouse’s insurance policy after the dissolution of marriage. For spouses eligible for Medicare, the insurance issue may not be a great concern. The problem arises for those who are not eligible for Medicare. For questions on Medicare, a lawyer in Alexandria VA can provide the best solution.

The option of choosing a private insurance company or remaining on the insured party’s plan is an expensive proposition and has severe ramifications in gray dissolution. For more on insurance concerns in gray dissolution, check with our attorney in Virginia at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C.


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